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STAG security consultants specialize in Eastern Europe, the Horn of Africa, and the United States.

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We have personalized security solutions, and one-to-one handling of your needs. We do not manage your needs by outsourcing to anonymous faces, and we do not offer one-size-fits-all solutions.  Ultimately, clients choose STAG for our breadth and depth of experience combined with our morality and perseverance.  

Defining success

At STAG, we define success by the effect we have on our clients. We don't aspire to find praise or notoriety, but instead to ensure our clients are effectively preserved from security threats before they take root. Our clients live better, sleep more soundly, work more productively than they would without our help, or with lesser assistance. Furthermore, we seek to preserve our clients' business ethos, by allowing them to operate more securely, without compromising their ethics.

Who we Represent

We provide custom international security consulting to private sector businesses who need to ensure their assets and personal safety are not at risk while doing business. We screen our clients; STAG evaluates the fitness of a prospective client by discerning the moral and ethical foundations of the client and the objectives they bring with them before deciding whether to handle their needs. Clients must also agree to enable STAG to manage the client’s security concerns, and remain accessible to STAG personnel through established lines of secure communication. However, once STAG takes on a client, they will have a security firm fixed in its resolve to keep the clients secure from identified threats.

Clients we DO NOT represent:
– Marijuana Dispensaries
– Legalized Prostitution Houses
– Parties with Personal Vendettas

Clients we DO represent:
– Food Non-Government Organizations
– Child Welfare Charities
– Major International Corporations

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Fearlessness and Selflessness

Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed

What we Do

Strategic Security Planning

  • Identify probable security threats to the client.
  • Address a comprehensive range of options to avoid or overcome the threats.
  • Form a plan that fits the client’s interests.
  • Provide oversight of execution, and modify as needed.
  • Strategic Security Planning usually incorporates most of the below options. 

Cyber Security

The world is connected and that is why you need cyber security. We evaluate and create a plan for you that will allow you to protect your most critical systems and data.
We can apply our expertise to your need for personal or enterprise security, whether upgrading your phone and home computer or requiring broader networked security.

Security Training

We conduct training on a wide range of topics: international travel, commuter safety, counter-espionage awareness and activities, and natural disaster preparedness training - among others. Your security package will include the training needs that are necessary and customized around your needs.

Logistics Security

We provide analysis for the transportation of goods and services in high-risk locations. We analyze threats to your delivery system and identify the necessary countermeasures to ensure your operations remain uninterrupted and cost-effective.

Site Security

Wherever you do business, we can review the security of building and location. We can determine the physical security of the international venue in which you are conduct your business to determine how to secure your facilities against hostile penetration or other compromise.

Physical Security [Pending]

Whether you are an executive working in an area with political instability, or a celebrity facing threats, we may provide close protection teams in select domestic and international environments.

Current Travel Advisories:

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Staggering Security Statistics

Confidentiality and Trust

About Us


Custom Security Services

All security begins with an assessment of the mission based on the exact parties, exact venues, and exact needs against prospective threats. There are no generic security plans offered by STAG, and no a la carte options.



We are a leader in discreet security planning. Your company, clients and personnel must always be confident in our commitment to keeping your safe while performing your private business affairs.


Decades of Experience

Combined, we have decades of experience in security and geo-political management, in high-risk, narrow margin circumstances.

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