Quick Security Solution for U.S. Citizen, Whose Family Was at Risk Abroad

Regime Threats

A foreign-born political dissident, and naturalized US citizen, was helping her former nation reform, following the fall of the dictatorship that had ruled it for decades.  Certain elements of the previous regime threatened to murder members of the dissident’s family that remained in the old country, unless the activist-dissident “stopped helping the Americans”; the former regime elements had plans to return to power by force of arms, and had technical surveillance assistance from a much larger Communist power, and through sympathizers in the expatriate community inside the US, tracked the dissident’s in-person activities.  STAG was able to respond within a half a day to provide the client with a solution.  Using an intermediary to deliver a package and thus circumvent physical surveillance, the client received a total communications program that involved new hardware and related kit, preloaded with select new software, and a thorough description involving new behaviors on the part of the client.  As a result, the client has been able to fool the former regime into believing she complied with their demands, meanwhile, enabling her to carry on her work, albeit with increased care.

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