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US Company Received Plan to Counteract Employees Thefts and Prevent Future Breaches of Trust

A Non-Government Organization (NGO) that engages both with law enforcement and civil society to intervene in a major organized crime trend, came to STAG following a series of breaches of trust from former employees and contractors.  Among the more pressing objectives were media and public relations threats, identifying accessible means to provide real solutions to former insider threats against whom the NGO had won a law suit, using the lessons of the preceding to improve the recruiting and hiring process, and greatly revamping the NGO’s operations program to ensure it meets their operational and internal security needs.  STAG delineated a hybrid program to defeat negative press campaign spawned by identified judgment-proof internet trolls, identified new avenues for the NGO capitalize on former workers who had been found civilly liable for theft from the NGO, designed a comprehensive operations plan to make their program effective in any state in which they operate, and crafted a new onboarding process that screens out potential insider threats, while competently training new recruits for the cause, all so the NGO can re-commit itself to its core operations.  The NGO’s founder and principal operations program manager credit STAG with getting the NGO back into a comfortable operating mode, and feel they now have a clear path ahead to handle the mission without feeling overwhelmed by their experiences. 

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